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Repair Base Line Study, 2008

Onderzoeksrapport, beslaat de strategische speerpunten van het REPAIR-project in kleine en grotere steden en regio's bij de aangesloten partners.

The current EU policies on sustainable development serve well to guide the REPAIR
Thematic Network. They are closely reflected in the project activities, implementation
strategies and planned outputs on national and local levels.
The main issue to be addressed by the Repair topic is the the re-use and revitalisation of
abandoned military heritage sites with successful socio-economic outcomes, taking into
account the Lisbon, Gothenburg Agenda’s and Leipzig Charter to act as a catalyst to
deliver sustainable urban development in small and medium sized cities.

The task of reaching Sustainable Development is the most difficult one but perhaps it
is just as difficult to reach agreement on the meaning of Sustainable Development.
The discussions of the Project Partners led to four themes that will underpin the direction
we take in approaching the redevelopment in each area. These themes are know as “The
Four Pillars” and consist of:

Preservation - How to develop alternative site uses and techniques, which best secure
the long term preservation of the military heritage;
Energy & Waste - how to achieve the sustainable re-use of the built heritage and
heritage sites, through maximising energy efficiency, the better management of waste
production, energy consumption and greater use of renewable energies;
Transport - How to maximise access to military sites by sustainable modes of transport,
which minimise car use and decouple transport growth from local GDP growth;
Local Jobs - How the socio-economic re-use of the sites can maximise local jobs for
local people and therefore sustainable communities and greater social cohesion.

By considering each of these pillars in depth and by bringing together the conclusions in
an overall working group where will consider the findings in the light of current
Sustainable Development policy, we hope to produce effective policy recommendations to
influence EU and local Policy Makers.

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